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HIGH PERFORMANCE engineering  
Providing Product Development and Manufacturing Solutions Since 1990     


HPE provides the products and services that empower companies to deliver value for their customers.  We shorten lead times by being immediately responsive to your needs.  Whether it is product design, injection molded parts or machined prototypes, we deliver on time and at an affordable price.  We owe our agility to an investment in the latest technologies and a business philosophy that cuts out all unnecessary steps and focuses on time compression.

We have developed a custom Injection Molding process that has virtually eliminated the usual high costs and long lead times of tooling associated with manufacturing plastic parts.  We use a complete CNC machine shop on site to make all of our molds.  Our state-of-the-art Computer Aided Design tools ensure that the final product achieves the highest possible design quality.

HPE has a complete line of value added services including contract manufacturing and assembly. Let us help you with your product development and manufacturing needs. Please contact us so we can start planning your success today. 



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Providing Product Development and Manufacturing Solutions since 1990